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RPPAs for cell subpopulation analysis.

Kume K, Nishizuka SS.

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1188:227-237.

Recurrence risk evaluation in T1N1M0/T2N0M0/T3N0M0 gastric cancer with TP53 codon 72 polymorphisms.

Ohmori Y, Nomura T, Fukushima N, Takahashi F, Iwaya T, Koeda K, Nishizuka SS; Members of the Northern Japan Gastric Cancer Study Consortium.

J Surg Oncol. 2019 Dec;120(7):1154-1161.

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A pipeline for ctDNA detection following primary tumor profiling using a cancer-related gene sequencing panel.

Nishizuka SS, Sato KA, Hachiya T.

Methods Mol Biol. 2019;1908:229-241.

Liver regeneration supported by Muse cells.

Nishizuka SS, Suzuki Y, Katagiri H, Takikawa Y.

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2018;1103:219-241.

Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with favorable outcome in advanced gastric cancer patients treated with S-1 adjuvant chemotherapy.

Nishizuka SS, Tamura G, Nakatochi M, Fukushima N, Ohmori Y, Sumida C, Iwaya T, Takahashi T, Koeda K; Northern Japan Gastric Cancer Study Consortium.

J Surg Oncol. 2018 Apr;117(5):947-956.

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Colony lysate arrays for proteomic profiling of drug-tolerant persisters of cancer cell.

Kume K and Nishizuka SS.

Anal Chem 2017; 89(17):8626-31.

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Analysis of PIK3CA mutations and PI3K pathway proteins in advanced gastric cancer.

Ito C, Nishizuka SS, Ishida K, Uesugi N, Sugai T, Tamura G, Koeda K, Sasaki A.

cancer. J Surg Res. 2017 May 15;212:195-204.

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Inhibition of PI3K suppresses propagation of drug-tolerant cancer cell subpopulations enriched by 5-fluorouracil.

Ishida K, Ito C, Ohmori Y, Kume K, Sato KA, Koizumi Y, Konta A, Iwaya T, Nukatsuka M, Kobunai T, Takechi T, Nishizuka SS.

Sci Rep. 2017 May 23;7(1):2262.

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Ductular reactions in the liver regeneration process with local inflammation after physical partial hepatectomy

Suzuki Y, Katagiri H, Wang T, Kakisaka K, Kume K, Nishizuka SS, Takikawa Y.

Lab Invest 2016; 97.

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Importance of metabolic rate to the relationship between the number of genes in a functional category and body size in Peto’s paradox for cancer.

Takemoto K, Ii M, Nishizuka SS.

R Soc Open Sci. 2016 Sep 7;3(9):160267.

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α-Amanitin restrains cancer relapse from drug-tolerant cell subpopulations via TAF15

Kume K, Ikeda M, Miura S, Ito K, Sato KA, Ohmori Y, Endo F, Katagiri H, Ishida K, Ito C, Iwaya T, Nishizuka SS.

Sci Rep 2016; 6:25895.

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New era of integrated cancer biomarker discovery using reverse-phase protein arrays.

Nishizuka SS, Mills GB.

Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. 2016 Feb;31(1):35-45.

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Individualized mutation detection in circulating tumor DNA for monitoring colorectal tumor burden using a cancer-associated gene sequencing panel.

Sato KA, Hachiya T, Iwaya T, Kume K, Matsuo T, Kawasaki K, Abiko Y, Akasaka R, Matsumoto T, Otsuka K, Nishizuka SS.

PLoS One. 2016 Jan 4;11(1):e0146275.

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A distinct subpopulation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, Muse cells, directly commit to the replacement of liver components.

Katagiri H, Kushida Y, Nojima M, Kuroda Y, Wakao S, Ishida K, Endo F, Kume K, Takahara T, Nitta H, Tsuda H, Dezawa M, Nishizuka SS.

Am J Transplant 2016; 16:468-83.

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Systematic protein level regulation via degradation machinery induced by genotoxic drugs.

Kume K, Ishida K, Ikeda M, Takemoto K, Shimura T, Young L, Nishizuka SS.

J Proteome Res 2016; 15:205-15.

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Realizing the promise of reverse phase protein arrays for clinical, translational, and basic research: a workshop report: the RPPA (Reverse Phase Protein Array) society.

Akbani R, Becker KF, Carragher N, Goldstein T, de Koning L, Korf U, Liotta L, Mills GB, Nishizuka SS, Pawlak M, Petricoin EF 3rd, Pollard HB, Serrels B, Zhu J.

Mol Cell Proteomics 2014; 13:1625-43.

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A compensatory role of NF-κB to p53 in response to 5-FU-based chemotherapy for gastric cancer cell lines.

Endo F, Nishizuka SS, Kume K, Ishida K, Katagiri H, Ishida K, Sato K, Iwaya T, Koeda K, Wakabayashi G.

PLos One 2014; 9:e90155.

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Evaluation of chemosensitivity prediction using quantitative dose-response curve classification for highly advanced/relapsed gastric cancer.

Matsuo T, Nishizuka SS*, Ishida K, Endo F, Katagiri H, Kume K, Ikeda M, Koeda K, Wakabayashi G.

World J Surg Oncol 2013;11:11.

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Molecular marker identification for relapse prediction in 5-FU-based adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric and colorectal cancers.

Ishida K, Nishizuka SS*, Chiba T, Ikeda M, Kume K, Endo F, Katagiri H, Matsuo T, Noda H, Iwaya T, Yamada N, Fujiwara H, Takahashi M, Itabashi T, Uesugi N, Maesawa C, Tamura G, Sugai T, Otsuka K, Koeda K, Wakabayashi G.

PLoS One 2012;7:e43236.

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Reverse-phase protein lysate microarray (RPA) for the experimental validation of quantitative protein network models.

Nishizuka SS*.

Methods Mol Biol 2011;785:65-77.

Analysis of the anti-tumor effect of cetuximab using protein kinetics and mouse xenograft models.

Matsuo T, Nishizuka SS*, Ishida K, Iwaya T, Ikeda M, Wakabayashi G.

BMC Res Notes 2011;4:140.

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