Chie Ito, M.D

Analysis of PIK3CA mutations and PIK3 pathway proteins in advanced gastric cancer

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2017, #1728)


Sato Kei, M.D

Individualized mutation detection in circulating tumor DNA for monitoring colorectal tumor burden using cancer-associated gene sequencing panel

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2015, #1681)


Kaoru Ishida, M.D

Evaluation of the antitumor effects of alternate-day 5-fluorouracil administration model

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2015, #1654)


Fumitaka Endo, M.D

A compensatory role of NF-κB to p53 in response to 5-FU based chemotheapy in vitro

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2013, #1626)


Hirokatsu Katagiri, M.D

Specific extrahepatic cell, bone marrow-Muse cell, contribute to liver regeneration

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2013, #1624)


Teppei Matsuo, M.D

Monitoring of cell signaling using reverse-phase protein lysate microarray

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2011, #1539)

Kazushige Ishida, M.D

Characterization of clinically-used anticancer agent by quantitative cellular and molecular assay platforms

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2010, #1506)

Hironobu Noda, M.D

Characterization of cisplatin-resistant gastric cancer cell population by protein kinetic analysis

(Ph.D. Awarded in 2009, #1469)