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  • 2023.11.10

    Nishizuka gave a talk at European Liquid Biopsy Society General Assembry.
  • 2023.10.25

    Introducing OTS-Assay is now on VOD. Link.
  • 2023.10.18

    Nishizuka gave a lecture as a part of R5 Iwate Prefectural High School Lecture Series "Cancer Education" at Iwate Prefectural Morioka Daishi High School.
  • 2023.10.06

    VOD of the 82nd Annual Meeting of The Japanese Cancer Association starts. Link
  • 2023.10.03

    Open Lab Session will be held on Oct 16, Mon, 6PM. Graduate Student candidates are most welcome! Flyer is here (Japanese only).

Alteration of
an Opt-Out Choice

Last Updated : 2023.09.05


Our patient opt-out policy permits participants to choose whether they want to use their personal information and specimens provided for our medical research. According to the policy of the Japanese Government, patients or people acting as their proxies have the right to alter the opt-out choice they made when giving informed consent for the medical research. We are currently announcing the above protocols for the opt-out opportunities. Please note, however, that we may not be able to identify individuals once their personal information and specimens provided for our medical research have been anonymously processed.